Our Mission

With respect to the artists that inspire us and to all things we find truly beautiful, we welcome you to Anthony DeFranco Salon. A journey of dedication and commitment to assembling and creating many of the country's top career hairdressers. A creative playground built on the foundation of passion, skill, personal and professional development which today acts as a vehicle for inspiration, achievement and excellence in salon, education, editorial, runway, design and production. Beyond this we continue to create the Anthony DeFranco story.

Our History

Anthony DeFranco

In 1979, Anthony DeFranco started as a young apprentice to Vidal Sassoon in New York City. His love for the beauty business was immediately apparent, and Anthony quickly reached the decision to start a salon of his own. The beginnings of Anthony DeFranco salon were humble; the staff numbered only five persons, but Anthony’s love of the business and dedication to the craft paid off. After 20 years, Anthony DeFranco Salon and Spa is one of the biggest salons on Long Island currently employing more than fifty of the worlds most talented staff. Anthony not only works towards his own dreams and goals, but also consistently inspires the staff with a positive outlook on the future, and determination to let nothing stand in the way of this dream. Anthony dedicates a great deal of his time and effort to the success and growth of the business that bears his name. He motivates his staff by encouraging their creativity and supporting the advancement of their careers.